Saturday, May 26, 2007

Seven Solitudes of Nietzsche

The conditions under which any one understands me, and necessarilyunderstands me−−I know them only too well. Even to endure my seriousness, my passion, he must carry intellectual integrity to the verge of hardness. He must be accustomed to living on mountain tops−−and to looking upon the wretched gabble of politics and nationalism as beneath him. He must have become indifferent; he must never ask of the truth whether it brings profit to him or a fatality to him... He must have an inclination, born of strength, for questions that no one has the courage for; the courage for the forbidden; predestination for the labyrinth. The experience of seven solitudes...

-Friedrich W. Nietzsche, The Antichrist
translated by H.L. Mencken

1. Masturbating. Afterwards, headache.

2. Waiting for Cosima Wagner to finish peeing.

3. Anti-semites.

4. Waiter does not get classical allusion in joke.

5. Lou

6. Listening to Wagner talk

7. The dawn.